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Peterson is the manufacturer of industry-leading whole tree chippers and debarkers, horizontal grinders and blower trucks and trailers. In 1990 Peterson developed its first wood waste recycling machine. Continuous development of wood grinders has led to the current line of horizontal feed wood grinders. These models have been well received with production rates up to 150 tons per hour.

Peterson horizontal grinders are engineered for use with a wide variety of materials, from green waste to scrap wood and beyond. Our grinders incorporate a patented Impact Release System that minimizes damage to the grinding chamber from heavy metal objects. The Impact Release System opens the anvil and first grate section to eject most objects from the grinding chamber. This results in more uptime and less costly damage from heavy contamination in the feed material.

High-volume producers know that low operating costs are essential to profitability. Our engineers understand how to translate this into production. That’s why superior reliability, durability and serviceability are engineered into each machine. Combine that with our signature high-volume output and our rugged machines deliver impressive profits.

4710B Track Mounted Horizontal Grinder

Portable | Heavy-Duty | Versatile

The 4710B is designed for high-volume producers with very demanding end-product specifications. The Peterson model 4710B Horizontal Recycler is a track mounted version of the popular model 4700B trailer mounted Horizontal Recycler. The recycler has 18 inches (457mm) of ground clearance making this model particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired. Track mounting also reduces material handling costs in conventional recycling yards as well.

  • Adaptive Control System
  • Peterson’s three-stage grinding process
  • Quick-change multiple grate system
  • Innovative latching Impact Release System
  • Impact Cushion System
  • Rotor options:
    • “drum” style
    • “pinned” style


Engine:      700-765 hp Caterpillar C18
Weight (approx.):      74,000 to 79,000 lbs
Travel Length:      36 ft 2-1/4 in
Travel Width:      10 ft 7-3/4 in with C16, 11 ft 6 in with C18
Travel Height:      12 ft 3-1/2 in
Production Volume:      up to 425 cubic yards per hour

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Peterson Horizontal Grinders

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