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Alban CAT Steward-Amos SweepersEffectively Simple.
We believe the simpler a machine is to maintain and operate, the more productive and cost effective it will be. We take time proven designs and tweak them in subtle ways to maximize their cost effectiveness, durability and performance.

Stewart-Amos is bringing new ideas to an old, established industry. In the last 7 years, we have introduced 6 new and unique sweeper models – with many more to come.

Currently, we make 5 different mechanical broom sweepers in three different size categories. Each incorporates our exclusive “3 shaft elevator system” that minimizes chain wear, slashes maintenance costs and ensures more effective sweeping of all types of debris – especially bulky materials.

Our regenerative air sweeper units are built with stainless steel, bolt-together panels that resist rusting and minimize repair costs, which ensure longer run times and easy accessibility. They come standard with 5-year, no-rust-through warranties.


Starfire S-4 Starfire S-5x/t Starfire S-6s/t
10′ sweeping path 11′ sweeping path 11′ sweeping path
4 cubic yard hopper 5 cubic yard hopper 5 cubic yard hopper
up to 10′ dump height up to 12’2″ dump height up to 12’2″ dump height
Product Details Product Details Product Details
 Galaxy R-4 Galaxy R-6
4.65 cubic yard SS hopper 6.12 cubic yard SS hopper
70″ dump height 6 38″ dump height
Product Details Product Details


Stewart-Amos Galaxy Vacuum Sweeper

Stewart-Amos Mill Sweeping Solutions

Stewart-Amos Sweepers – Rockville MD Demo

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