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Alban CAT Track DrillEfficient Design

A mining operation demands you “get to the bottom of things” as quickly as possible. The last thing you need is a track drill that leaves you high and dry. Cat® track drills and rock drills are efficiently designed to facilitate optimized drill performance and serviceability while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability our clients have come to expect from Cat drill products.

Track Drills for Multiple Mining Applications

Caterpillar offers an extensive range of hydraulic track drill applications. Drills are available that can provide a wide range of hole depths and diameters. Our drills are designed with a sturdy frame to ensure a longer product lifespan and higher availability, so you can be sure your machine will always be ready to go when you need it. Our exclusive hydraulic system provides faster operation and reduced fuel usage. For optimum efficiency, all rock drills are field serviceable, which delivers maximum availability at a lower cost.

Alban CAT: Your Track Drill Source

Look no further than Alban CAT whenever you need a dependable hydraulic track drill. Our product experts can help you find the right piece of equipment at the right price. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive drill selection.

  Models Hole Diameter Hole Depth Air Compressor Rock Drill
  MD5150C Up to 6 in 102.5 ft 534 cfm @ 150 psi HPR5128 38 hp
  MD5125 Up to 6 in 58.5 – 98.5 ft 400 cfm @ 100 psi HPR5128 37 hp
  MD5075 Up to 5 in 71.5 – 102.5 ft 350 cfm @ 150 psi HPR4519 25 hp
  MD5090 Up to 5 in 74.5 ft 300 cfm @ 150 psi HPR4519 25 hp
  MD5050/T Up to 4 in 66.5 – 102.5 ft 250 cfm @ 150 psi HPR4519 25 hp

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