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The Alban CAT Customer Portal FAQ

In partnership with Billtrust, Alban CAT has launched a brand new web portal for you to pay and view your invoices online.

To reduce paper waste and helping to protect the environment, you can now Go Green with this FREE full service account portal.

Alban CAT Customer Portal


  1. What are the new portal changes?
    With the new account portal you will now be able to get your invoices electronically. You will be able to view, print and pay your invoices using credit card, ACH or make a one time payment. You will now receive a notification via email when your invoice has posted online.
  2. When will the new portal changes be effective?
    The Alban CAT Customer Portal went live on July 19, 2018.
  3. How will I know when my bill is available?
    You will receive an email notification when your invoices are available with a link to the Alban CAT Customer Portal. Please add to your address book to ensure delivery to your inbox, and that your notification email does not end up in the spam box.
  4. Will I be trained on how to use the portal? When?
    There will be no formal training, if you require assistance accessing or navigating the portal please call the Credit Department at 410-686-7777 ext 7226.
  5. How do I get access to the online billing portal?
    You will be send the URL to access the Alban Customer Portal just before launch. Existing portal users will receive an email prompting them to change their password. Customers new to the portal will be supplied the web address and token on their invoices to register.
  6. Who will Alban CAT send the notification email to and can multiple people have authority to log into the portal?
    Alban CAT will send the email to the primary contact; this contact will serve as the administrator for the account and can add additional users with specified privileges.
  7. Do we have to pay online?
    Online payment is not mandatory but we encourage you to pay your invoices online.
  8. Since the invoices will be online, will I be able to receive a printed invoice as well? Is each invoice printable on the portal?
    You will no longer receive a printed invoice if you choose to enroll in the portal. You will be able to log into the portal to view, print and pay your invoices.
  9. How long will my records be available on the online portal?
    You will be able to see your invoices for one full calendar year from issuance.
  10. Will the invoice be attached to the email notification?
    The invoice will not be attached to the email notification.
  11. If I choose to continue to receive paper bills, will I still be able to view the bills on the portal?
    You will not be able to log into the portal, view, download or pay your invoices if you receive a paper bill.
  12. Will each invoice have its own file or will any of them be bundled together?
    By default, the invoice will be bundled on a daily basis. This can be changed to individual delivery by our credit department.

If you have any further questions, please call the Credit Department at 410-686-7777 ext 7226 or email to learn more.