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We understand the role heavy equipment tires play in the performance of your machine. That’s why we focus on offering a tire line that enables you to work efficiently in almost every application.

Alban Attachments & Used Parts (AAUP) has a large selection of new and used heavy equipment tires in our Baltimore, Maryland warehouse – and we service all of Maryland, the DC Metro area and parts of Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia. We have all varieties of CAT® skid steer, telehandler and backhoe tires in stock. We can also supply any brand of wheel loader and off road truck tires.

  • Foam Filling – We provide foam filling as a flat proofing solution for your job-site
  • Re-Capping – If your heavy equipment tires are already foam filled, we can re-cap the tread to extend the life of your foam investment

CAT® Flexport Tires

Cat Flexport heavy equipment tires are ideal for scrap and solid waste applications for larger wheel loaders. Flexport tires are designed with holes molded through the outer ring of the sidewalls to improve tire flexibility and stability. Regardless of the application, the suppleness of Flexport tires absorbs much of the shock that standard solid heavy equipment tires pass on to the operator and machine. Cat Flexport Tires provide increased operator comfort, reduced operator fatigue, and reduced machine stress. Flexport tires are available in 3 tread designs.

CAT Construction Tread Tire
Construction Tread

Construction Tread

The construction tread design is the right choice in heavy equipment tires for maximum performance in your toughest environments. It is designed for smaller machine applications where better traction is required. Recommended construction tread heavy equipment tire applications: building & framing, demolition, hammering, industrial & waste, landscaping, loading, pavement profiling, quarry cleanup, recycling, scrap yards and transfer stations.

CAT Smooth Tread Tire
Smooth Tread

Smooth Tread

The smooth tread design is ideal for special applications where debris is a major issue. Recommended smooth tread heavy equipment tire applications: scrap yards, recycling centers and some waste transfer stations.

CAT Off the Road OTR Tread Tire
OTR Tread

Off The Road (OTR) Tread

The OTR tread design has a block pattern that provides a degree of traction in application where debris is not an issue. Recommended OTR tread heavy equipment tire applications: building & framing, landscaping and loading.

Used Equipment Tires for Sale

For businesses focused on controlling costs while maintaining productivity, used equipment tires from Alban CAT make good sense. Whether you’re operating on a temporarily restricted budget or have a project that doesn’t require brand-new equipment, our heavy equipment tires provide the cost-effective alternative you’re searching for. All of our used equipment tires are tested to meet quality standards and provide substantial savings over purchasing new.

Get in Touch for New and Used Heavy Equipment Tires Today

Having the right heavy equipment tires is crucial to keeping your operation moving forward. Alban CAT is your one-stop shop for new and used equipment tires for skid steer loaders, telehandlers, backhoes and any other wheeled equipment. Give us a call, fill out our online request form or visit one of our convenient locations in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia for more information on heavy equipment tires for sale.

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