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Yellowmark - Caterpillar Parts

The right part for your machine and budget—that’s what you get with Yellowmark™. This line of repair and replacement parts is developed by Caterpillar for small and medium-sized Cat® construction equipment.

Whether you’re looking for aftermarket parts for your excavator, loader, dozer, or other heavy equipment parts, Yellowmark strikes the right balance between convenience and reliability at a lower cost.

  • Convenient: Alban CAT can give you the expert advice you’re looking for to get the part you need when you need it. With more than 5,000 Yellowmark parts – including oil and water pumps, transmission discs and bearings, mufflers, radiator components, final drive gears, hydraulic pumps and engine gasket kits, manifolds and valves. Making it easier to get what you need and get back to work.
  • Reliable: In-depth knowledge of the entire machine means parts are made to fit your needs and keep you running smoothly as Yellowmark has been designed by Caterpillar Engineers, who understand your maintenance needs – so you can count on these parts to fit your machine.
  • Lower Cost: Yellowmark parts offer a value-priced alternative to Genuine Cat Parts and Cat Reman Parts. You still get the reliability you need, but at a price you can afford.

Alban CAT Yellowmark

Yellowmark Repair/Replacement Parts Include

  • Drive train repair and rebuild parts for Torque Converters
  • Transmissions, Differentials and Final Drives

CAT® Machine Engine Parts (Tier 0, 1, 2)

  • Alternators/Starters
  • Exhaust Manifolds/Mufflers
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps/Fuel Lines
  • Gasket Kits
  • Oil Coolers
  • Water Pumps and Overhaul Parts


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What is Yellowmark™?

Yellowmark™, A Caterpillar Brand, is a new line of repair and replacement parts. Developed by Caterpillar and conveniently available from your local Cat® dealer, Yellowmark parts offer a reliable, lower cost alternative for your small and medium-sized construction equipment.

Why is Caterpillar introducing a new line of parts?

Many of you have told us that it can be challenging to find the right balance of reliability, affordability and convenience when you’re buying repair and replacement parts. We listened and developed Yellowmark to provide you with an alternative that strikes that balance. Yellowmark parts offer the right fit for your equipment and your budget.

How are Yellowmark parts different from Genuine Cat® Parts or Cat Reman Parts?

Yellowmark parts are ideal for operations that want a brand they can trust at a lower price that is readily available through their local Cat dealer. Our Genuine Cat Parts and Cat Reman Parts lines offer additional durability, the lowest cost-per-hour, premium performance and maximum return on investment.

How are Yellowmark parts different from other aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket will-fit parts may provide a low-cost option, but they don’t offer the reliable performance and convenient availability you can expect from a Caterpillar brand. Because they’re developed by Caterpillar and offered through your Cat dealer, Yellowmark construction equipment parts strike the right balance of reliability, affordability and convenience.

Are Cat Classic Parts going away? Is Yellowmark just a new name for Cat Classic Parts?

Yellowmark parts will encompass and expand the Cat Classic Parts line. Current Cat Classic Parts will be branded as Yellowmark, and we plan to add new aftermarket parts to support our entire small and medium-sized construction equipment line.

Will Yellowmark parts only be available for Cat products?

For now, yes. Our initial focus is on supporting Cat small and medium-sized construction machines with repair and replacement parts.

What Yellowmark parts will be available—and when?

Yellowmark will support the entire Cat small and medium-sized construction equipment line. Parts will be introduced throughout 2018, with more to come—likely including maintenance and wear products—in the next two years.

Where can I buy Yellowmark parts?

Beginning in 2018, Yellowmark parts will be sold exclusively through Cat dealers, like Alban CAT.

Where can I learn more about Yellowmark parts?

Contact your Alban CAT Parts Rep they can provide more details and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on Yellowmark™ Parts call 800-492-6994 use the form below to contact an Alban CAT Representative: