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Green | Pre-Engineered | Flexible | Compact | Easy Installation

Packaged Generator with Integrated Heat Recovery Components / Controls

  • Lower Emissions, Heat Recovery
  • Qualifies for LEED Credits
  • Provided with either Process Heat Exchanger or Chiller
  • Outdoor Packages
    • Ships in 2 sections for ease at site installation
    • Standard enclosure or ISO container
    • Low sound output
    • Large access doors and removable panels for easy service access
    • Overhead trolley beams for removal / replacement of major overhaul components
    • Ventilation system with thermostatically speed controlled fans
    • Internal lights
  • Indoor Packages
    • Ships in 3 major sections for field installation
      • Generator
      • Packaged CHP skid
      • Remote Mounted Radiators
  • Meets EPA and local exhaust emission requirements
  • Control and monitoring package for performance validation
  • Synchronization with utility for base loading, peak shaving, power export
  • Complete factory run testing, per NFPA 110
  • Full 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • Operation and maintenance policies available
  • Acquire as financed purchase, lease or turnkey installation

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CHP flyer

Cat Gas Genset Solutions Brochure                                            

CAT CG 132 Series 400, 600, 800eKW Gas Generator Sets       

CAT CG 170 Series 1200, 1560, 2000 eKW Gas Generator Sets

CAT CG260 Series 3000, 4000 eKW Gas Generator Sets          

CAT G3500 Series Gas Generator Sets                                        

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