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Consultants Corner: Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation is a practical way for utilities and electricity users to manage risks and maximize profits in increasingly volatile energy commodity markets.

Alban CAT Power Systems Offers 3 Solutions for Distributed Generation

Combined Heat & Power [CHP]

CHP Flyer

CHP Page

Landfill & Disgester Gas

Landfill Flyer

Gas To Energy Page

Distributed Generation White Papers from Caterpillar

Distributed Generation – Taking Control

Distributed Generation – A Multifaceted View

A Concept Whose Time Has Come:

The past decade has proven distributed generation both technically sound and economically essential in the changing electric utility industry.

All that remains now is for potential users to understand the full range of benefits for all market participants – investor-owned utilities, public utilities, industrial and commercial customers and, in the end, consumers.

The risk does not lie in deploying cogeneration. The real risk lies in failure to consider and develop its full economic potential.

Michael A. Devine
Gas Product Marketing Manger
Electric Power Group of Caterpillar Inc.

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