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Consultants Corner: Governmental Sales [GSA]

The Capitol Building Government Generator Backup Sales

Government entities have very unique and specific power requirements. In many cases, government installations routinely handle and store a wealth of sensitive computerized data.

An unexpected loss of power could result in a serious breach of privacy or even pose a threat to national security.

Alban CAT is perfectly positioned to provide reliable power solutions to government facilities of all types and sizes with our cost-effective power generation solutions for government entities.

Secure Power for Secure Facilities

Alban CAT’s Governmental Team is experienced and equipped to provide product and service solutions for the power security demands of all local, state and national governmental entities, including a wide assortment of gas and diesel generators for government use.

Alban CAT Power Systems is the clear choice for the best value in equipment and product support solutions. We set the standard for parts and service support with extensive parts inventories, preventative maintenance programs, diagnostics, rental capabilities and emergency service.

ACPS: A Trusted Power Generation Source for More Than Four Decades

Alban CAT Power Systems is a division of Alban CAT and has been providing reliable and cost-effective power generation solutions to government entities and commercial businesses of all types since 1972.

Over the course of four decades, ACPS has established itself as a trusted power source by offering innovative natural gas and diesel generators by Caterpillar®, the recognized global power solutions leader.

Our Inventory Of Government Generator Backup & Primary Power Solutions Includes:

  • Diesel Generator Sets: 5 kW to over 10,000 kW
  • Natural Gas Generator Sets: 8 kW to over 3,500 kW
  • UPS Systems: 15 kVA to multi-megawatt solutions
  • Cat Switchgear: 600 V to 15 kV
  • Cat Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS): 40 to 4,000 amps
  • Enclosures, Racks & Accessories
  • TVSS Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Emission Solutions

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Deliver Security With Government Backup Generators

Power outages pose a substantial threat to government entities. A widespread blackout or even an isolated loss of power can cause the following:

  • Unauthorized access to information
  • Loss of sensitive data
  • Development of new national, state and local security risks
  • Shutdown of daily and emergency operations
  • Inability to assist residents, patients, visitors and other individuals

For water treatment facilities, hospitals, courthouses and many other government entities, power is essential. That’s why governments need primary power solutions. Government backup generators offer a reliable power solution that your facility can trust for securing data, operations and more.

Provide Savings With a Cost-Effective Power Generation Solution for Government Entities

Federal, state and local budgets can influence the amount of funds available for purchasing, maintaining and operating your standby power system. At Alban CAT, we deliver cost-effective power generations solutions for government entities.

Our gas and diesel generators for government use provide performance, as well as technology for improving fuel efficiency and for meeting U.S. and international emission standards. In fact, Cat® government backup generators’ fuel efficiency is world-class. They’re also well-known for their low life-cycle costs.

Alban CAT Offers a Fully Integrated Solution to Your Power Requirements.

In addition to our gas and diesel generators for government use, which are engineered as a cost-effective power generation solution, we offer switchgear, automatic transfer switches (ATS), UPS systems and SCRs. This Cat hardware works for you.

It makes your government backup generators even more cost-effective by allowing you to sell excess electricity, minimize generator operation times and reduce emissions while delivering uninterrupted power to employees, patients and other parties that rely on your facility’s services.

This integrated approach, along with our dedicated teams of engineers, sales and service experts, allows us to be your one safe source for all your power requirements.

From system design to bid specs; procurement to installation; operation to maintenance — Alban CAT has the government generator products and expertise to secure your power for all your critical missions.

Dependable Government Generators Are Only Part of What We Offer

In addition to the most dependable government backup generators on the market, ACPS provides world-class client support to maximize your user experience.

We offer 24/7 emergency service whenever you may need it, along with comprehensive preventative maintenance to keep your government power system running at peak efficiency.

We also carry a large inventory of parts, along with complete rental service for your short-term generator needs.

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