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Consultants Corner: Generators New Backup
& Emergency Generator Sets

When it comes to the power generators you need to maintain productivity and regulatory compliance, Caterpillar® is a name that has been synonymous with quality and reliability for decades. Cat® generators are trusted by industries around the world to provide power to the places where going without power for any length of time simply is not an acceptable option. So whether you’re setting up a remote construction site or a temporary healthcare facility following a natural disaster, you can be sure Cat gen-sets will meet the requirements of your operation.

In addition to industry-best primary and commercial backup generators, Caterpillar can also supply the expertise to operate them with maximum efficiency. You get the full range of products and services to support your mission-critical goals, along with product training and informational resources to ensure you achieve maximum value and performance.

We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about our selection of Cat generators and explain how they can resolve your organization’s prime, standby or emergency power needs. We’ve provided efficient and affordable power generation solutions for commercial businesses of all types and sizes, and we can do the same for your business as well.

Learn more about choosing power generators for regulatory compliance, short-term solutions, emergencies and more with our guide below.

How To Choose The Right Generator

Standby Generator Sets: Rated 11.2 to 4000 eKW

Alban CAT is an authorized Cat dealership for the Mid-Atlantic and D.C. Metro area. We carry the complete line of Industrial and Commercial Generator Sets manufactured by Caterpillar for all your prime, continuous, or standby power needs. With a massive inventory in stock and connections to an extensive dealer network, we’re sure to have the new, used or rental Cat commercial backup generators your applications require.

Our inventories of Cat gen-sets includes both diesel or gas models, and features such as sound attenuated or weatherproof enclosures, switchgear and uninterruptible power systems. Alban CAT will oversee engineering procurement, and construction elements of the project, including the training of your employees to operate and maintain the system once the site is commissioned. We will also be there to provide ongoing support whenever you need us.

Prime Generators v Standby Generators

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CAT Diesel Commercial Generators for Sale

Our selection of building gen sets for sale includes a wide range of Cat diesel generators. Powered by Cat engines, these generators feature ratings from 13kW to 17,460kW and provide unmatched fuel efficiency. These reliable industrial backup power generators also offer numerous factory-designed options for maximum operating flexibility. When you choose a genuine Cat diesel generator, you also get the peace of mind it will meet most worldwide emission standards.

Diesel CAT generators typically burn less fuel than those using other fuel sources, which can make them less expensive to operate in the long run. Diesel generators are also known for their high level of safety, as diesel fuel is less susceptible to explosions than gas or propane.

Other advantages of a diesel backup generator system include:

  • Simple design for easy maintenance and repairs
  • High altitude and ambient temperature capabilities for every industry need
  • Innovative technology for meeting NFPA requirements
  • Low installation costs for a cost-effective emergency generator

Our complete range of diesel gen-set solutions is custom configured to reduce operating costs and boost power capabilities.

Gas Backup Commercial Generators

CAT Generator _A007366CAT gas gen-sets are another excellent choice for meeting your emergency industrial generator power needs. These dependable generators feature ratings from 65 to 6520kW and provide superior transient response and steady-state performance.

Just like their diesel counterparts, CAT gas backup commercial generators give you excellent fuel efficiency and compliance with worldwide emissions standards. They also burn a variety of gaseous fuels, from high to low Btu — British thermal unit — fuels. Clean-burning natural gas is also an environmentally friendly power and energy solution. With gas-powered backup generator systems, you can also avoid storing fuel onsite.

CAT natural gas generators are also known for their superior reliability and low life-cycle costs.

Portable Cat Generator Solutions

Portable generator sets provide the ability to power a wide range of operations and applications wherever your work takes you. We carry new and used portable Cat generator solutions ranging from 20 kW to 2,000 kW in configurations to meet your specific requirements. We also provide flexible rental terms on Cat portable generators for standby, prime and emergency applications.

With our rental backup generator systems, you can power through outages and increased power demands, as well as during electrical system repairs or upgrades. Our portable generator sets deliver several advantages, exclusive to Alban CAT.

Benefits of our emergency generators include:

  • Low-hour units
  • Service 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Compliance with newest emission standards
  • Turnkey solutions

Whether your rental is planned or unplanned, you can trust our factory-trained technicians and rental specialists to deliver a backup generator system that’s ready to handle your peak energy loads with ease.

Olympian Gas Generator Sets

Whether you need a reliable generator backup or primary power source, Olympian gas gen-sets can provide the solution. Olympian is a value brand that is part of the Caterpillar family and provides economical and efficient power generation solutions to budget-conscious companies. Olympian gen sets come as one ready-to-install unit for easy setup and implementation. Each component is tested before assembly to ensure you get the highest possible level of quality. They’re available in numerous configurations and offer a wide range of options to meet any industrial need.

These new backup generator sets provide standby power ratings ranging from 25 to 300kW to meet that need, while their prime power ratings go from 32 to 270kW. And like the rest of the Caterpillar family, these backup generator systems deliver clean, economical and dependable power in the most demanding of conditions.

We Carry Everything You Need to Go With Your Cat GenSets

We’re not only the go-to source for genuine Cat generator set sales and rental solutions in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C. and areas beyond. We also carry the complete selection of parts and accessories to ensure you get the most out of your commercial generator purchase or rental. Our dedicated team provides expert product guidance and prompt service to ensure your Cat diesel generators and portable gen-sets are always ready to respond.

Other CAT Generator Options Available:

  • Prime (12 eKW to 3600* eKW)
  • Continuous (830 eKW to 3250* eKW)
  • Natural Gas Landfill

* Without fan rating

For more information on our complete range of new backup generator sets, which include diesel generators, commercial generators and portable Cat generators sets, get in touch with us today! Use the form below to contact:

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