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Consultants Corner: New Backup & Emergency Generator Sets

Standby Generator Sets: Rated 11.2 to 4000 eKW

Alban CAT carries the complete line of Industrial and Commercial Generator Sets for all your prime, continuous, or standby power needs. Choose from diesel or gas models, and features such as sound attenuated or weatherproof enclosures, switch gear and uninterruptible power systems.

Alban CAT will oversee engineering procurement, and construction elements of the project, including the training of your employees to operate and maintain the system once the site is commissioned.

More Information on New Generator Sets

Caterpillar – Diesel Generator Sets

ekW – Model

*without fan rating

Caterpillar – Gas Generator Sets

ekW – Model

Olympian – Gas Generator Sets

ekW – Model

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CAT Diesel Commercial Generators for Sale

Our selection of building generators for sale includes a wide range of diesel gen sets. Powered by Cat engines, these generators feature ratings from 13kW to 17,460kW and provide unmatched fuel efficiency. These reliable industrial backup power generators also offer numerous factory-designed options for maximum operating flexibility and meet most worldwide emission standards.

Gas Backup Commercial Generators

CAT gas gen sets are another excellent choice for meeting your emergency industrial generator power needs. These dependable generators feature ratings from 65 to 6520kW and provide superior transient response and steady state performance. Just like their diesel counterparts, CAT Gas backup commercial generators give you excellent fuel efficiency and compliance with worldwide emissions standards.

Olympian Gas Generator Sets

Whether you need a reliable generator backup or primary power source, Olympian gas gen sets can provide the solution. Olympian gen sets come as one ready-to-install unit for easy setup and implementation. Each component is tested before assembly to ensure you get the highest possible level of quality. They’re available in numerous configurations and offer a wide range of options to meet any industrial need.

Other Options Available:

  • Prime (12 eKW to 3600* eKW)
  • Continuous (830 eKW to 3250* eKW)
  • Natural Gas Landfill

* Without fan rating

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