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Use Natural Gas to Generate Energy

Pipeline, Storage, Gathering, and Re-injection. There are many ways to get gas from where it is to where you want it. But there’s only one best choice in engines for compression applications: Caterpillar®.

CAT Gas Generator C042602

Gas Applications:

Alban CAT Power Systems offers a comprehensive menu of gas application solutions to our clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, including a complete selection of Cat® natural gas generators for sale:

  • Gas Compression – Select from five different Cat engine families that supply the power you need for gas compression applications. These gas energy units provide 71 to 6100 bkW without unscheduled downtime. That’s performance you can trust.
  • Landfill Gas – Our landfill gas solutions enable you to convert landfill gas that is a product of decomposing organic waste into a viable source of renewable energy.
  • Digester Gas – Treat wastewater to produce methane-rich gas that can be used for electricity, reducing your dependence on the power grid. In addition to creating gas energy, the process also expedites the treatment of wastewater.
  • Generator Sets and Power Modules – We offer an assortment of Cat natural gas generators for sale, as well as diesel generators that can provide the power you need, when and where you need it.

Caterpillar – From the well to the customer, your prime choice for reliable compression power.

Natural Gas Energy and Its Benefits

Choosing Cat equipment, as well as natural gas energy for power, delivers a solution that provides the performance you or your facility need to maximize operations.

Caterpillar offers the widest range of prime mover choices, with power ratings from 110 hp all the way up to 8,180 hp.

Our combustion technology will burn almost any gaseous fuel – natural gas, digester gas, coal bed methane, landfill gas, biogas, wellhead gas or propane – and can be programmed to switch from one to another.

Innovative electronic controls give you superior performance, with excellent fuel economy and dependability that translates directly to low owning and operating costs.

With Caterpillar’s broad operating ranges and options, you can tailor engine specifications to any application, and to your site-specific requirements, anywhere in the world.

Alban CAT can provide the products and technical expertise to complete the process in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Natural Gas and Diesel Engines

Diesel and natural gas engines both offer universal advantages. Both provide the following benefits, for example:

  • Low emission levels
  • High availability and reliability
  • Low installation cost
  • Fast start times

Engines powered by natural gas energy also deliver exclusive advantages. A gas-powered engine offers the best fuel efficiency, as well as the lowest operation and owning costs when compared side-by-side with a diesel engine. While both engines provide low emissions, natural gas engines are capable of reaching even lower emission rates.

Another advantage of gas energy is you can power it with a broad spectrum of gaseous fuels, plus avoid the cost of purchasing a fuel storage container for on-site access. Diesel engines also offer their own unique set of benefits.

Your facility’s power needs determine which engine option is the best fit.

Industries Choosing Cat Natural Gas Engines

Multiple, diverse industries rely on At Alban CAT, we can provide the products and technical expertise to find your natural gas equipment in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our teams come with years of experience. Some staff members, in fact, offer more than 20 years of expertise.Cat equipment outfitted with natural gas engines to accomplish their performance goals, as well as their mission to implement cost-effective power solutions.

Markets that are choosing natural gas energy include:

  • Commercial: Resorts, universities, hospitals, data centers and many other businesses are choosing gas energy to power their services. Combined heat and power (CHP), which relies on gas to produce electrical and thermal energy is a growing choice of these facilities.
  • Industrial: Refineries, as well as heating and industrial plants, are also choosing CHP and natural gas energy to power their daily operations throughout storms, natural disasters and other events.
  • Utilities: With Cat generators and their natural gas engines, utility companies are meeting the base or peak energy demands of their customers. In cases where the existing power plant is unreliable, gas energy is an alternative power source that users can rely on when their power supply is unpredictable.
  • Agriculture and food processing: Biogas is becoming a more common fuel source in the food processing and agricultural industries, which is why Cat equipment is equipped to use the gas energy and its varying methane content to power its engines.
  • Mining: Gold, iron, copper, silver and other mineral mining can take place in more remote locations, without a centralized electric utility, by using Cat equipment driven by natural gas energy. Generator sets are also available that can use coal mine methane as an energy source.

Additional industries that depend on natural gas engines include those mentioned above, like landfills and waste treatment centers.

Gas-Energy Powered Equipment

At Alban CAT, we can provide the products and technical expertise to find your natural gas equipment in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our teams come with years of experience. Some staff members, in fact, offer more than 20 years of expertise.

Cat Oil & Gas

We Also Provide the Parts and Service You Need

As a full-service Cat power dealership, Alban CAT Power Systems carries the parts for our Cat gas generators for sale and other energy products to keep them running smoothly and extend their lifespan.

We also offer industry-best service to keep your power system productive for many years to come.

To learn more about our gas to energy parts and service, click on the link below.

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