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CAT® Emergency Standby Power Systems

Whatever your power generation needs, if you’re located in the Mid-Atlantic region, you can always count on Alban CAT Power Systems to provide a prompt and reliable solution for your power generation needs in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

Caterpillar® is renowned for meeting the world’s emergency, standby, prime and continuous power generation needs with an unparalleled line of diesel generator sets, natural gas generator sets and integrated power systems.

Any size or shape. In any regulatory environment. When you need power, a CAT® power generation system is equal to the challenge.

Emergency Power Generation

For all your power generation demands, large or small, urban or rural, simple to complex, Alban CAT Power Systems are ready. From diesel and natural gas generator sets to uninterrupted power supplies, automatic transfer switches and electrical switchgear, our experienced worldwide network can deliver the CAT® power generation systems and support you need.

We’ll Help You Choose Prime, Continuous and Emergency Standby Systems for Power Generation

Our team members at Alban CAT provide years of experience — in some cases, more than 20 — when it comes to emergency standby power systems. With their knowledge and firsthand experience, we’ll help you determine the following:

  • Your power needs
  • Your type of generator requirements
  • Your ideal fuel source

Selecting the proper size power system is critical. For the power your operation depends on, Caterpillar® has diesel generator sets [12kW to 17,460kW] and natural gas generator sets [11kW to 8,150kW] that lead the industry in durability, reliability and efficiency – a solid foundation for any fully integrated power system.

Your type of business and industry, as well as daily operations, impact what your emergency standby power system will demand to support your various equipment, hardware and other facility elements. We’ll work alongside you to find a generator set with the performance capabilities your organization needs.

We also understand how to work within your budget and deliver the right type of backup generator when you need it. For your commercial power generation, we offer the following generator power systems:

  • Prime generators
  • Continuous generators
  • Emergency standby generators

What fuel you choose, from diesel and natural gas to alternative fuel is up to you. Our team is here to offer advice, but you can trust that CAT® diesel generator sets, natural gas generator sets, bio-fuel generator sets and alternative fuel generator sets provide dependable emergency, standby, prime and continuous power to customers around the globe.

Alban CAT Offer Solutions To Your Power Needs

Gas/Natural Gas Generator SetsAlban CAT Generators C401147

The selection of reliable CAT® generators includes an assortment of CAT® natural gas generators, including the Olympian brand, that are ideally suited for a variety of pipeline applications.

We also feature a commercial gas generator line that serves the power generation needs for all types of industrial applications, including utilities, agriculture, waste water treatment, landfills, mines, greenhouses and more.

All our gas generators are designed for maximum ease of installation and testing, and they offer an extensive menu of useful factory-designed options for increased customization capabilities. Their low emissions, as well as high fuel efficiency also make them a competitive option among emergency standby power systems.

Commercial power generation built around a gas engine also eliminates the need for storing fuel nearby, while also taking advantage of the fact that gas engines can power themselves with fuels ranging in their Btu, or British thermal unit, index.

Whether as an emergency standby power system or a reliable power solution, gas generator sets deliver.

Natural Gas Power Generation

Diesel Power Generation Systems

CAT® diesel power generators provide superior performance and maximum fuel efficiency along with worldwide emissions compliance. Powered by dependable CAT® engines, the diesel power generator line features a choice of 50 Hz and 60 Hz operating frequencies.

Like a gas power generator, diesel power generation systems include a low installation cost, as well as the high reliability and performance you expect from Cat emergency standby power systems. Commercial power generation that’s fueled by diesel does deliver a few additional advantages.

With their straightforward design, diesel engines are easier to work on for repairs and maintenance. Parts and service for these generation systems are also readily available across regions. The capability of diesel-powered engines to operate at higher temperatures and altitudes also make them more beneficial — or necessary — for certain industries.

Whether your needs call for CAT® emergency power generation or a dependable source of primary, continuous or standby by power, a CAT® diesel power generation system from Alban CAT can get the job done.

Diesel Power Generation

Mission Critical Power Solutions

In addition to our selection of CAT® prime, continuous, emergency and standby generators, Alban CAT Power Systems offers a wide assortment of integrated power systems and the know-how to help you implement them efficiently.

Our leading emergency standby power systems include:

  • Uninterruptible power system (UPS): Continuous electrical power generation is essential for all industries. It maintains operations, as well as protects sensitive data. With our UPS, your facility receives a power source that’s reliable and offers the lowest operating costs available anywhere. All our UPS models include comprehensive support from our team of experienced technicians.
  • Alban modular power system (AMPS): Restore power during an outage, maintain it during a facility upgrade or supplement it during repairs with commercial power generation from AMPS. These compact containers arrive fully assembled, as well as with a convenient process for installation so that you can turn that downtime back into uptime.
  • Power distribution unit (PDU): Receive a customized electrical power generation solution with our PDUs. Our knowledgeable team of staff and technicians partner with you to configure a PDU that’s ready to power your IT or communications center in outages. PDUs are also convenient because of their overall size, which offers a small footprint.

With the assistance of our staff and technicians, we’ll help you choose a reliable, cost-effective powerhouse for your emergency standby power system.

Mission Critical Power Solutions

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