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Alban CAT Microgrid SolutionsAlban CAT Microgrid SolutionsA microgrid is a small energy system capable of balancing captive supply and demand resources to maintain stable service within a defined boundary. This growing independent power grid system can be disconnected from the primary system and operate autonomously, to help migrate power disruption and sustain critical systems. CAT® Microgrids combine our legendary reliability with a scalable system built to meet you needs.

Microgrids are defined by their function, not their size. and can be further described by one of five categories:

  • Off-grid microgrids including islands, remote sites, and other microgrid systems not connected to a local utility network.
  • Campus microgrids that are fully interconnected with a local utility grid, but can also maintain some level of service in isolation from the grid, such as during a utility outage. Typical examples serve university and corporate campuses, prisons, and military bases.
  • Community microgrids that are integrated into utility networks. Such microgrids serve multiple customers or services within a community, generally to provide resilient power for vital community assets.
  • District Energy microgrids that provide electricity as well as thermal energy for heating (and cooling) of multiple facilities.
  • Nanogrids comprised of the smallest discrete network units with the capability to operate independently. A nanogrid can be defined as a single building or a single energy domain.

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Alban CAT Microgrid Solutions

Microgrid Solutions

Providing clean, cost-effective electricity to keep your industries producing, communities developing and people connected, CAT® Microgrids are fully customizable and scalable to meet your power needs today and for future expansions.

Microgrid Solutions Are Designed to:

  • Reduce your fuel expenses
  • Decrease emissions
  • Lower the cost of ownership
  • Power your needs from 10kw to 100MW

Renewable Energy

Microgrids are innovative energy solutions designed to power a better world, while minimizing economic, social and environmental costs.

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Reliable Power – When You Need It

CAT® microgrids for rural electrification are completely integrated and standardized renewable energy systems. Designed for reliability, repeatability, and rapid deployment, this cost-effective, single-source solution is supported and installed by Alban CAT Power Systems.

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Tuscan Proving Ground – Off The Grid Facility

Caterpillar’s largest Proving Ground in North America, located in Tucson, Arizona, was completely off grid and relied 24 hours a day, seven days a week on three Cat C15 diesel generator sets to power the facility. In 2016, Caterpillar decided to use the location to demonstrate the real-world value of its microgrid technology.

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Given that solar energy has become a cost-effective energy choice, Caterpillar installed a 500 kW solar array and energy storage system at its Tucson Proving Ground. The integrated system is expected to reduce fuel consumption by 33 percent. Cat® Microgrid systems combine renewable technology with traditional power generation, customized to fit any need – including our own.

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CAT® Microgrid Solutions

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