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Alban CAT Waste Water Treatment Plants Alban CAT Waste Water Treatment Plants Alban CAT Waste Water Treatment PlantsCAT® has long experience in waste water applications with more than 500 Gensets totaling more than 400MW of power installed world-wide.

CAT has developed excellent system expertise based on their involvement with so many waste water gas projects enabling them to develop proven solutions to the challenges posed in this type of application. CAT systems provide:

  • A broad range of KW nodes (400 to 4,000eKW)
  • Local Parts and Service
  • Very high system uptime
  • High efficiency
  • Long service intervals
  • Low life cycle cost and short payback periods
  • Remote system monitoring

Systems are available as:

  • Individual components for installation in an equipment space
  • Pre-engineered, Factory Packaged Power Plants

Available Fuel system options:

  • • Dual Fuel (Available for Models CG and G) – where either Waste Water Gas or Natural Gas can be used one at one time. This system includes (2) separate fuel trains and (2) separate fuel maps resident in the engine controller. To change fuels, the engine is shut down, the fuel trains are manually changed and the engine is restarted. This takes just a few minutes.
  • • Fuel Blending (Available for Model CG) – Where a blend of Waste Water Gas and Natural Gas is burned. This system adds a third fuel train which includes a blending valve upstream of the individual gas fuel trains and provides maps at the engine controller for differing proportions of gas. The operator determines the proportion of flow required, enters that into the engine control panel and the engine automatically controls the engine.

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