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Renting an Air Compressor

Industries ranging from automotive and construction to manufacturing and medical rely on air compressors to execute a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re powering tools and equipment, pressure cleaning or inflating tubes and tires, air compressors provide the ability to be productive in any environment. When you have a short-term need for compressed air or temporarily lack the resources to purchase new equipment, an air compressor rental is a cost-effective alternative.

If you’re searching for a reliable source for air compressor rentals in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and areas beyond, Alban CAT has everything you require. As the authorized Cat® dealership for the region, we set the industry standard for quality, service and selection. Everything we do is geared to providing air pressure products capable of lifting your business to new heights.

Impressive Inventory of Rental Air Compressor Products

We’re prepared to meet your diverse range of needs with an extensive selection of air compressors and related products. Our highly experienced employees will assist in analyzing your requirements in order to recommend the optimal air compression equipment. All of our equipment comes from trusted manufacturers and is meticulously maintained to provide durable on-the-job performance.

Within our inventory of air compressor rental equipment, you’ll find:

  • Instrument-quality Air Compressors: Get the high-quality air compressor you require for your processing, packaging and medical grade applications. Our instrument-quality air compressor rental units can produce up to 1800 cfm of cooled and filtered air. Models are also available as engine driven or with an electric motor.
  • High-pressure Air Compressors: Our high-pressure air compressor rentals provide the pressure required for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Engine-driven models can produce up to 350 psig to meet your high-pressure requirements.
  • Oil-free Air Compressors: Oil-free compressed air provides a versatile source of power for tools used in clean manufacturing environments. Our oil-free air compressors are available as engine- or electric motor-driven and are 100% oil free.
  • Compressed Air Dryers: For applications requiring clean compressed air free of moisture and liquid condensation, a compressed air dryer is an essential piece of equipment. Our dryer units can produce up to 3000 cfm and come as either refrigerated or desiccant.
  • Air Compressor Rental Accessories: We provide all the necessary equipment to maximize the effectiveness of your rental air compressors. Our inventory of accessories includes hoses, manifolds, valve and fittings.

Alban CAT Makes Renting Air Compressors Easy

When you rent with us, you benefit from over 85 years of local industry experience. We offer superior customer service to ensure that you efficiently find the equipment you require. Lightening-fast delivery within our territory helps reduce downtime and boost productivity.

Alban CAT offers the flexibility to rent air compressors by the day, week, month or longer. We let you set the terms on a project-to-project basis. And with convenient locations across Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, our rental stores are everywhere you need us to be throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Get in touch with us today by phone or online contact form for additional information and a free quote. Or you can stop by the air compressor rental store in your area today!