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Air Conditioning Rentals

The ability to consistently control internal climates is essential to productivity in the broadest range of industries. Whether your workplace is a remote construction site, business office, retail store or special event location, proper air conditioning is a basic requirement. If you’re searching for a reliable source for air conditioning rentals in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the surrounding areas, Alban CAT is the one-stop shop for all of your temperature control needs.

In many cases, purchasing a new air conditioner simply doesn’t make good sense. In situations where you have a temporary application or need a stand-in for a unit undergoing repairs, renting an air conditioner can be a cost-effective alternative. Why pay full price and compromise your budget for a piece of equipment you’re only going to use once in a while? Alban CAT rental solutions are your opportunity to get the top-quality cooling power you want on demand.

An Extensive Inventory of Air Conditioning Rentals

Alban CAT is a go-to source for temperature control equipment for business throughout the Mid-Atlantic and D.C. Metro area. We carry everything you need to keep you cool when the summer heat reaches its full intensity. As an authorized Cat® dealership for the region, we have the quality, selection and superior customer service of a worldwide industry leader.

We offer air conditioning rentals along with all necessary services and accessories to meet your diverse operational needs. You’ll find everything from one-ton spot coolers up to 80-ton industrial air conditioners in a variety of configurations. All of our units are expertly tested and maintained to operate at peak performance.

Fast Service and Flexible Air Conditioning Rentals

We understand the stress heat places on any work environment. It can affect employee performance, drive away customers, and put a strain on critical electronic components. Our team of rental professionals is dedicated to helping find the products you require, placing your order and arranging for lightening-fast delivery straight to your door. With convenient locations to rent air conditioners throughout Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, the temperature control support you need is never far away.

Helping you control costs while getting the equipment you require is our top priority. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term rentals to meet your specific needs. Whether you only want to rent a unit during the hottest months of the year, or your cooling capacity needs to change from project to project, our rentals provide optimal flexibility.

Went you rent with us, you get:

  • Clear rental terms and competitive prices.
  • Live support from trained technicians.
  • Available emergency maintenance and repair.
  • Financing and rental purchasing options.
  • Free, no-obligation quotes.

Experience Superior Air Conditioning Rentals With Alban CAT Today!

Don’t let your productivity wither away in the heat. Harness the ability to consistently control internal climates with a cost-effective air conditioner rental from Alban CAT. Get in touch with us today or drop by one of our conveniently located air conditioning rental stores in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.