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Light Towers For Rent

Whether it’s lighting a job site at night, lighting during a planned shutdown or event, or for emergency response crews working around the clock after a natural disaster: Alban Rents towable light towers to meet your needs.

Having the right amount of light can make all the difference. If your crews are working around the clock or you have special areas or events to light up, you need powerful and reliable light towers positioned where they are most effective.

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Light Tower Rental Rates: Call 888.492.6337 for pricing information or reach out to us online for a quote.

Many of our customers explain that they have tried making do with the lights on their equipment or a few small stationary lights that simply don't cut it. That's where we point them to our impressive catalog of rental light towers. It's easy to browse our online inventory and choose the power level you need.

Our rental light towers range in power from:

  • 11 to 13.5 hp
  • 8 to 10.1 kW

When you extend our towable rental light towers to their maximum height of 30.0 ft (9.1 m), you get a wide beam of light to illuminate your work site, yard, equipment, event or whatever it is you need lit up. Some of our customers use our light towers at night or during low-light conditions, such as in or beside large buildings or roadway infrastructure, where adequate lighting is crucial to get the job done.

Our rental lighting is also popular for a variety of other uses, including:

  • Temporary events
  • Parking lots
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Emergency roadway or building repair
  • Replacement for damaged lights
  • Nighttime construction sites

Anywhere you need additional lighting, our Cat light tower rentals will work!

Towable for Added Convenience

To make our rental light towers easier to transport and install, we carry towable models that can be hooked to your trucks or equipment. Your rental lights will tag along wherever you go and can be installed on a variety of surfaces for greater flexibility. As with all the equipment we rent, our light towers are fully serviced and inspected between rentals so that you can be sure they're ready to fire up.

When you rent a light tower from Alban Cat, you're getting:

  • Four powerful bulbs for greater lighting coverage
  • A height-adjustable mast that retracts for transportation
  • Two large wheels and additional supports for stable installation
  • An efficient and reliable power source
  • A large fuel reservoir for longer running times
  • An easy-to-use control panel

It doesn't matter if you're renting a single light tower to tow to a remote location or multiple towers for illuminating a venue, concert or construction site. We have the light tower you need. Start by browsing our inventory and checking out the product specifications.

You can also contact our team at any point and request more information. Tell us about your rental lighting needs, and we will help you determine which lights will work best for you. We are your best choice in towable light towers in the area, so let us know how we can help today. Our proven equipment is available for short- medium- or long-term rental, depending on your requirements.

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Images are for general reference only. Individual product models may vary. Please consult with your Alban CAT Rental Rep to verify machine configuration.

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