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Heater Rentals

The Mid Atlantic region of the United States is known for its temperate climate, featuring four distinct seasons. However, those who live and work in and around Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Washington D.C. know cold weather can be a factor most of the year. In order to counter-act the adverse effects cold temperatures can have on your business, a reliable heating source is an absolute essential.

When you need a heater, and it doesn’t make financial sense to purchase a new unit, renting can be a cost-effective alternative. Whether you’re planning a special event or need to heat a temporary structure on a remote work site, a heater rental provides the right solution. You get the equipment necessary to maintain productivity while preserving your budget.

An Extensive Inventory of Heater Rentals

As a comprehensive source of heavy equipment, power systems and temperature control solutions, we offer a complete range of top-quality industrial-strength heaters for rent. You’ll find small portable units to powerful 150-kW electric heaters featuring return air capabilities and up to 2 million BTUs. We carry direct-fired heaters and natural gas or propane units based on your preference and project requirements.

With the largest fleet of rental solutions in the Tri-State area, you’re always sure to find the heater rental you need in stock. All of the heaters in our inventory are serviced and tested to meet the highest safety and performance standards. Our experienced staff will assist in determining the heating rental solutions that make the most sense for your business.

The Advantages of Renting Heaters from Alban CAT

We call on over 85 years industry experience and strategic relationship with an extensive network of Cat® dealerships to provide the best quality, service and selection in the region. You get a dedicated partner capable of providing the support you require from configuration to installation and operation. Everything we do is geared to providing rental solutions that increase your capabilities and reduce your costs of doing business.

When you rent from us, you benefit from:

  • Flexible Terms: You get to choose the equipment you need and keep it for as long as you like. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term rentals, as well as the ability to swap out equipment to conform to your changing requirements.
  • Rental Support: When you partner with Alban CAT, you gain the expertise and insight of professional technicians. We’ll lend our industry-leading product knowledge and support to ensure you get the most out of your heater rentals.
  • Easy Ordering: Our attentive team is dedicated to making the process of renting a heater as simple as possible. We provide clear and transparent terms, free quotes, commercial accounts, rent-to-purchase options and more.
  • Fast Delivery: When the cold weather is on its way, there’s no time to waste in finding the necessary climate control equipment. We’ll deliver your heater rental to your door as quickly as possible, so you can keep your focus on the business at hand.

You’ll find convenient Alban CAT stores for renting heaters throughout Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Give us a call today or stop by the location in your area for additional information and a free quote.