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Load Bank Rentals

You rely on backup electrical generators to ensure your business has the power it needs when the lights go out. Whether you run the risk of costly downtime and reduced production or loss of critical data and breech of regulatory compliance, peace of mind comes with knowing your equipment is ready to respond in case of an emergency shut down, power outage or conditions relating to extreme weather.

As a full-service heavy equipment and power solutions company, Alban CAT is prepared to meet all of your mission-critical needs. We not only are the go-to source for rental equipment including emergency, standby, primary and continuous power generators, but we also specialize in load bank rentals to help ensure your equipment is in working order and you’re fully prepared for the unexpected.

Why Load Bank Rentals Make Sense for Your Organization

Whether you work in warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, financial or any other industry that depends on reliable backup power, testing your generators is an absolute essential. However, a basic test-run may not reveal performance issues as it fails to simulate the conditions of running with a realistic energy load. Load bank rentals provide a cost-effective way to access the equipment necessary for conducting load bank testing on your backup power system.

Load bank rentals allow you to monitor your systems at full rated capacity and measure the performance of key components. It’s the best way to get an accurate reading on generator set fluid temperatures, amps, voltages and kW output. Our load bank rentals range from portable 100 kW suitcase units to 2640 kW trailer mounted models for testing larger systems. With real-time data as to the operational state of your generators, you can assess conditions and arrange for any necessary maintenance services or repairs.

The Advantages of Renting Load Banks from Alban CAT

We’re an authorized Cat® dealership for the Mid Atlantic and D.C. Metro area providing the most extensive inventory of top-quality rental equipment in the region. Our knowledgeable staff has the expertise to assist in determining the optimum solutions for your power equipment needs. We’ll help you identify the load bank rental that meets your specific requirements in stock within our extensive inventory.

When you rent load bank testing equipment from Alban CAT, you benefit from:

  • Reliable rental equipment from an industry-leading manufacturer.
  • Peerless product knowledge and live technical support.
  • Flexible daily, weekly, monthly or longer term rentals.
  • Available 24/7 emergency services.
  • Easy ordering and fast, accurate delivery.
  • Convenient load bank rental locations throughout the region.

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Don’t wait for an emergency to find out if your standby electrical generators are in proper working conditions. Take comfort in knowing your systems are ready and you’re in full regulatory compliance with a load bank rental from Alban CAT. Give us a call, fill out our easy online request form or stop by one of our Maryland, Virginia or Delaware locations for additional information and a free, competitive quote.