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Alban CAT Rental Solutions Temperation ControlConsistent Climate Control

Is your data center running hot and your chiller or cooling tower cannot keep up? Maybe your facility needs heating or cooling? You know what you want, but don’t know what you need?

Alban Rental Solutions will work it out for you.

Air Conditioners (DX)

  • From 1 ton spot coolers up to 80 ton air conditioners, available in a range of configurations

Air Handlers

  • Up to 150 tons


  • Up to 500 tons open frame, forklift able or mounted on a drop deck or chassis, with dedicated pumps.
  • The majority are air cooled, however, water cooled units are available on larger sizes.

Cooling Towers

  • Up to 500 ton self-contained, modular design with dedicated pump.


  • Up to 150 kW electric heaters, the larger units have return air capability
  • Up to 600,000 BTU gas, direct fired, diesel fueled, natural gas or propane and trailer mounted
  • Up to 1,000,000 BTU diesel fueled, indirect fired, trailer mounted


  • Hose, cable, duct work, propane tanks, propane service, valves, fittings, water tanks.
* Most equipment can be connected in multiple units for larger projects.


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