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Alban CAT Connect DetectAlban CAT DozerWhen your Equipment Operator knows what is happening around your Machine it leads to a safe jobsite all shift long. Cat® Detect technology helps you work safer every minute of every day. That not only means fewer accidents and injuries—it also means less money spent on lost personnel time, equipment damage and lost production.

By improving operator awareness of the work environment you let your operators concentrate on the task at hand and work more productively. Some technology even records safety “events,” which you can use to train operators or make changes on site.

CAT® Detect Technology

Choose a system that’s right for your job needs, fleet and budget:

  • Camera Systems: Help eliminate blind spots and enhance operators’ views around equipment during start-up and operation with CCTV cameras tied to an in-cab display. Choose from one to four cameras in heavy-duty, light-duty and build-to-fit systems.
  • RFID Systems: Add another layer of protection with Radio Frequency Identification tags attached to ground personnel or fixed objects. An in-cab alarm and external speaker alert operators and ground workers when they get too close.
  • Machine Security Systems: Get more control over who can operate your machines and when by requiring a special electronic key or pass code to start equipment.

CAT® Detect For Personnel

Cat Detect for Personnel utilizes passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which is placed within safety vests, hard hats or fixed tags.

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Alban CAT RFID Reader DiagramAn Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna is installed on Cat or non-Cat equipment to communicate with the RFID tags along with a wireless link in-cab alarm and external speaker. The in-cab audible alarm works instantly to alert operators if a tagged person, machine or fixed object is within an unsafe area behind the equipment. The loud audible alarms outside of the equipment also alert the ground personnel if they reside within the detection zone.

Machine Compatibility

  • Wheel Loaders
  • Skid Steers
  • Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Soil Compactors
  • Wheel Dozers
  • Motor Graders
  • Track Loaders
  • Asphalt Compactors
  • Soil/Aggregate Compactors
  • Landfill Compactors

CAT® Detect Machine Security System

Cat® Machine Security System (MSS) is a theft-deterrent system that discourages unwanted operation of equipment by utilizing a unique electronic key or a pass code to start the machine. Traditional Cat keys will not start the machine when Cat Machine Security System is enabled.

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Alban CAT Detect With SecurityThe electronic key works by storing a unique identification number that is read by the machine’s electronic control module (ECM). The ECM validates the user ID and corresponding key are approved for use and then enables normal machine operation. If the user ID is not recognized by the ECM then the system disables all critical machine functions.

Machine Compatibility

  • All

CAT® Detect With Vision For Construction

Caterpillar designed CCTV camera systems enhance the operators view around the perimeter of the vehicle during startup and vehicle maneuvering increasing safety and productivity.

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Alban CAT Vision DetectWork Area Vision System (WAVS) can be used on any Cat and non Cat® machines where the operator’s view is limited due to blind spots around the machine. is WAVS has multiple offerings from a one camera system to up to a four camera system.

Machine Compatibility

  • All

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