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Equipment Management Solutions, that works

EMSolutions - Monitored Excavator and Articulated Truck Getting the most out of your fleet of heavy equipment is the key to success for countless hardworking industries across the Mid-Atlantic. Alban CAT Equipment Management Services (EM Services) is built to help you better manage your assets and lower operation costs.

Working with Alban CAT, and using Product Link with VisionLink you can monitor the location, fuel burn and utilization of your equipment, along with the health and maintenance like hours, fluid contamination and more.

Fleet management solutions by Alban CAT aren’t just a cookie-cutter offering or single product. Cat® EM Services encompass five progressive levels of monitoring ranging from basic connection to your fleet’s electronic data, to complete, proactive management of your equipment.

Alban CAT can help you to make well-informed and timely equipment management decisions that can help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk. We take the time-consuming, complex task of managing your mission critical equipment off your shoulders with comprehensive expert level support.

Reduce Running Costs

EM Services offer innovative ways for your business to run cleaner and more efficiently. It provides the power to remote monitor and reduce idle time, which in turn cuts fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) is included as one of the levels of coverage for EM Services, giving you a detailed breakdown of particulates in your oil that could indicate problems down the road.

These timely alerts let you catch small problems before then become expensive repairs, allowing you to keep control of your cost to do business.

Get More Done With Alban CAT Fleet Management Solutions

By tracking machine location, availability and idle time, you’ll be able to quickly decide if you can use fewer machines to complete a job.

EM Services give you the information to help you allocate equipment where it can be most useful.  The result is the ability to more effectively deploy your fleet in a way that limits expenses and increases your ability to take on a more robust workload.

EMSolutions Provide Insight Into Machine Operation

Cat EM Services comes with Visionlink which allows you to see when equipment is being misused, or which operators needs more training.

You also get precise tracking services and maintenance schedules, you can make sure your service personnel stay busy without becoming over-tasked.

Protect Your Equipment

Equipment theft is one of the risks that our equipment management solutions help you avoid. With Cat EM Services at your disposal, you can track the location of your equipment at all times. So in the case of theft or even natural disaster, you know where your valuable assets are and are one step closer to reclaiming them.

Preventive Maintenance

Enter a Customer Support Agreement (CSA) with Alban CAT and have worry free maintenance as we track your equipment’s health via Visionlink, and perform timely maintenance for you. With a single source for top-to-bottom fleet management solutions in place, you can stop worrying about the small stuff and spend more time running your business effectively. > EM Services

Scheduled Oil Sampling

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Ready to put your fleet management capabilities on the cutting edge? Learn more about Cat EM Services by getting in touch with Alban CAT today. For more information please use the form below to contact us.