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Unparalleled Service to Support All Your Power Needs.Alban CAT Power Systems Maintenace

Alban CAT is based in the Mid-Atlantic region and has 18 locations throughout our territory, putting us in an ideal position to provide you with your complete Electric Power Generation (EPG) solutions.

Our specialist EPG division, Alban CAT Power Systems, gives you access to sales, parts and service teams that are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For Emergency Service –
Call 866-993-6446

Need out of hours service? Alban CAT offers an emergency service that gets your equipment back to work 24/7/365 days a year: call 866-993-6446

With a fleet of state-of-the-art trucks and factory trained technicians we can provide routine service, maintenance and testing as well as 24 hour emergency service, so you don’t have to be down a moment longer than necessary.

We service the marine commercial and pleasure craft industries, as well as industrial engines and power generation including Generators, SwitchgearAutomatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

System Solutions Group (SSG)

As part of Alban CAT Power Systems (ACPS), the System Solutions Group (SSG) is your first choice for repair, maintenance and testing of your mission critical power systems. SSG can also help you retrofit your aging continuous power systems and offer innovative solutions to all your uninterruptible power needs, with minimum to no disruption to your routine or emergency power needs.

System Solutions Group Field Service

Switchgear Maintenance

We can maintain or bring your switchgear into the 21st century; you can often retrofit the control only components of your power assemblies combining the costs savings of keeping your switchgear and extending the life of your power system architecture.

Our power system maintenance encompasses switchgear, as well as ATS and UPS. Through different service intervals, ranging from once to twice and four times a year, we can provide the amount of service you want for your electric power generation (EPG) solution.

Switchgear Maintenance

SCR & Emissions Solutions

Alban CAT Power Systems offers several solutions to meet the increasing demand for clean air emissions. Whether it’s our Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) products or our Mobile Emissions Solutions trailer, we’re here to help you keep the air clean.

  • SCR: This is a simple power system service for the marine industry. With an SCR, your vessel, whether a ferry or a cargo ship, can meet the most up-to-date emission standards — the U.S. EPA Marine Tier Four Final. Your fuel efficiency also improves with this system, offering you the chance to decrease your engine’s diesel fuel requirements by nine percent.
  • DPF: EPG solutions with diesel engines benefit from this product. DPFs are a one-time installation. They capture and burn off emission particles, which reduces the carbon dioxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide produced by your power system. Like Cat® products, they’re effective, reducing CO by 90 percent and HC by 93 percent.
  • Mobile Emissions Solutions Trailer: Let our experienced technicians provide generator service on-site with our Mobile Emissions Solutions trailers. These trailers feature advanced technology and hardware for testing your EPG solutions’ emissions. We’ll also inspect, clean and conduct any generator repairs, too.

With these solutions, we’ll help you reach emission standards while maintaining your power system’s performance.

SCR and Emmisions Solutions

Remote Monitoring

With Alban CAT Power System’s Remote Monitoring System you’re in the loop 24/7. It’s the most comprehensive, reliable, user-friendly generator monitoring and control system available today. Our web-based portal allows you to monitor or be notified of all alarms or events via your email, cellular phone, PDA or text message.

We’ll alert you to a variety of different, high- and low-priority notifications, including:

  • Low fuel or oil levels
  • High or low engine temperatures and battery voltages
  • On or off status of generator
  • Failure of battery charger
  • And more

You’ll always stay up-to-date on your EPG solutions with remote monitoring. This service is a cost-effective tool that’s compatible with any generator, from continuous to standby and diesel to gas, as well as with any transfer switch model.

Remote Monitoring

Diesel Restoration Services

Alban CAT has the expertise to keep you up and running with our multi-tiered Diesel Restoration Services.This power system service serves as a preventative maintenance against engine failures, which often result from issues within your fuel tank.

Our technicians take a three-step approach to diesel engine generator servicing:

  • Sampling
  • Treatment
  • Restoration

With our series of options for restoring your diesel fuel, we’ll deliver a solution that drives results. Notice improved productivity and performance, as well as a lack of high-cost power system maintenance sessions by preventing an engine failure.

Diesel Restoration Services

Extended Service & Overhaul Protection Coverage

Get all the benefits of a Base Warranty regardless of your Caterpillar Industrial or Marine Engines age with our Extended Service Coverage (ESC) and Overhaul Protection Coverage (OPC):

  • ESC: Maintain your generator maintenance schedule with Caterpillar ESC. This extended service program includes New and Advantage ESC. These two coverages are both available in 12-month increments, which lets you deliver a year-round support plan to your power system service.
  • OPC: Use the OPC program to deliver overhauls to your EPG solutions. Our trained and experienced technicians will rebuild your power system through this service. You can select coverage in 12- to 60-month terms in one year or 12-month increments.

With these coverage programs, you’re protecting a valuable asset of your company — your power system.

ESC & OPC Coverage

Customer Service Agreements

Alban CAT Customer Service Agreements or PM program has four levels covering everything from oil changes to load testing. Our ‘Mission Critical PMs’ are custom programs that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Generator services within our PM program include:

  • Fluid analysis
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Fluid and filter changes
  • Load bank, breaker and Megger tests
  • Fuel polishing
  • And more

Trust your power system’s service to us, and you can count on operating an EPG solution that’s ready to run — and outrun your expectations.

Customer Service Agreements

For more information, call us at 888-492-6337 or use the form below to contact an Alban CAT Power Services Representative: