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Alban CAT EPG Maintenence

Alban CAT EPG Maintenence

EPG Generator Monitoring Solution

At Alban CAT, we’re always here for you. Our EPG Generator Remote Monitoring Solution is just one more way Alban CAT offers a fully integrated solution to your power requirements.

From system design to bid specs, procurement to installation, operation to maintenance – Alban CAT has the products, services and expertise to secure your power for all your critical missions.

With Alban CAT’s Remote Monitoring System You’re In The Loop 24/7.

Aware of the necessity of knowing when your system is compromised, we’ve developed a monitoring system for alarming critical situations and tracking the efficiency of your equipment.

It’s the most comprehensive, reliable, user-friendly generator monitoring and control system available today. Our web-based portal allows you to monitor or be notified of all alarms or events via your email, cellular phone, PDA or text message 24/7. Situations that demand your attention never fall through the cracks.

System Features & Benefits


  • Generator running
  • Low/high battery voltage
  • Low fuel level
  • Low oil pressure
  • Service messages
  • Switch not in auto
  • Breaker open
  • Engine hours
  • Battery charger failure
  • Pre-high engine temperature
  • Jacket water heater temperature
  • All common alarms and faults


  • Location by GPS coordinates with street address
  • Geo-fencing alarm and tracking
  • History tracking


  • System works with any type of generator or transfer switch
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • Individual event messaging
  • Receive daily status updates

Imagine always being able to know the exact location, any alarms or conditions that may cause your equipment to not start or fail once running. With our web-based portal, you instantly have access to up-to-date critical information.

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