CAT Equipment Built To Be ReBuiltAlban CAT is your heavy machinery rebuild expert in the Mid-Atlantic region in Maryland, Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, the West Virginia panhandle and Delaware and offers an extensive CAT® & Dealer Certified Rebuild programs.

It you work your equipment to failure, and it could cost your business even more. Observing planned rebuilds at major milestones is the most cost-effective strategy for your business. Which is why we strongly recommend you consider a truck rebuild option as you approach this next milestone. Not only will you extend the life of your equipment with a like-new warranty, you will also benefit from any engineering updates.

CAT® Equipment is built to be rebuilt. A genuine Cat or dealer rebuild ensures a cost-effective second life, delivering you a like-new machine at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Our rebuilds are performed by experienced CAT® Certified Technicians who benefit from state-of-the-art training and have access to the latest tools and equipment. As an Authorized Caterpillar Dealership, you can be sure all our rebuilt equipment lives up to the highest of Caterpillar standards for durability, dependability and technology.

Rebuild Programs

Alban CAT also offers CAT® Certified Rebuilds for Excavator hydraulic systems, machine component and full engine rebuilds. All Caterpillar endorsed and audited by CAT® and performed using genuine CAT® parts.

CAT® Certified Rebuild (CCR)

You got a CAT® because they are built for the work you need to do. With a CAT® Certified Rebuild you can recover all the performance and productivity of your old machine, and capture the benefits of the latest engineering updates. A CAT® Certified Rebuild strips down your entire machine to the frame, and then builds it all back up with brand new parts – for a second life at maximum value.

CAT® Certified Rebuild

CAT® Certified Power Train Rebuild (CPT)

The heart of any CAT® is the power train, and while it gives a solid performance you can capture more value from your investment by rebuilding it. A rebuilt power train can restore performance and extend its productive service life, allow you to get more in your investment in CAT® equipment. A Power train rebuild strikes a good balance between price and performance requirements.

Certified Rebuild Plus

Needs a CAT® Certified Rebuild? But need some other work that isn’t covered in the standard rebuild packages? Like a CPT, but also the tracks or tires replaced as well? Alban CAT offers our plus program that puts all your needs into one affordable package.

Alban CAT Dealer Rebuild

The Alban CAT Dealer Rebuild is different to a CAT® Certified Rebuild Program, our Dealer Rebuilds are packages customized directly to your rebuild needs. The rebuild is undertaken by CAT® Certified Technicians, and still has the quality and assurance you would expect from a CCR, but it generally involves a combination of rigorous inspections and reconditioning or replacing parts and components as appropriate.

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