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We’re Your Cat® Engine Rebuild & Component Reman Center in Maryland, Virginia, DC & Delaware

Applications for Commercial – Construction – Industrial – Marine

Alban CAT Technician at workThe Alban Reman Center is a multicomponent remanufacturing operation. Built with an eye for the future, this comprehensive, “do it all” facility has the capability of repairing and remanufacturing critical components including engines, transmissions, torque converters, radiators and fuel systems. Combined with our Machining & Hydraulics shop, the Reman Center’s extensive operations provide for cost effective salvage and economical repair alternatives to buying new. Among the center’s state-of-the-art facility is an engine dynamometer testing room, a complete radiator repair shop and computer workstations for service information.

Your Cat® Engine Rebuild

Cat engines are designed to give you many years of dependable service. A great way to get the most out of your engine is with a Cat engine rebuild. A Cat engine rebuild from Alban CAT is like giving your engine a second life while eliminating the expense of a brand-new engine or machine. We can rebuild virtually any type of Cat earthmoving, industrial or marine engine.

Choose the Cat Reman Option That Is Right for Your Business

At Alban CAT, we understand that no two of our clients are alike, both in terms of the types of the Cat engine rebuild services they require and the prices they are willing to pay for the work. You have the option to select the level of Cat engine rebuild that meets your needs as well as your budget.

  • A Second-Life Rebuild is the most economical Cat reman option and includes an intensive inspection and reconditioning or replacing of parts as needed.
  • A Certified Powertrain Rebuild deals with engine components pertaining to the powertrain only. It’s the ideal Cat engine rebuild option for striking a balance between performance and cost.
  • A Certified Rebuild is the most comprehensive Cat engine rebuild available, as it entails the complete disassembly of the engine and the replacement of all non-metal components.

Regardless of what type of Cat engine rebuild you choose, you can be sure your engine will meet all applicable Cat specifications. Key engineering updates are also included, providing you with the latest in state-of-the-art Cat engine technology.

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Engine Services

Our wide range of comprehensive Cat engine services include the following:

  • Complete Cat engine rebuilds
    • Cylinder heads – rebuild / resurface
    • Rods – repair / rebush
    • Cranks & Cams – service check / polish
    • Fuel Systems – rebuild / calibrate
    • Blocks – counter bore / metal lacing repair
  • Engine DynamometerAlban CAT Engine C810774
    • Computer controlled
    • Test engines up to 1,000 hp
    • Dyno tests include
      • torque
      • full load
      • fuel consumption
      • oil pressure
      • turbo temperature
      • horsepower
      • water temperature

Transmission & HPCU Services

  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Inspection / Evaluation for failure
  • Complete rebuilds
  • Fully tested

Radiator Shop

    • Repair / Rebuild
      • Radiators
      • After coolers
      • Oil coolers
      • Charge air coolers
    • Service any brand or size radiator
    • Service radiators from any type of equipment
    • Like new warranties available on complete rebuilds

Reman Center Brochure

Get the most out of your heavy equipment and machinery with Cat engine rebuilds and remanufacturing of critical components. Alban CAT and the Alban Reman Center offer the complete range of services for Cat engines, transmissions, fuel systems, radiators and more across the Mid-Atlantic and D.C. Metro area.

To learn more about each of our Cat Reman services available to our clients in Maryland, Virginia and the rest of our territory you can use the form below or call:

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