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It’s hard to think of tractors without the word “Caterpillar®” coming to mind. Cat® tractors have been synonymous with heavy equipment excellence since 1907, when a California inventor named Benjamin Holt developed a continuous track that could be placed on agricultural tractors to improve traction on loose soil and soft ground.

Holt applied the Caterpillar name to his machine because of its uncanny ability to seemingly crawl over challenging terrain. In 1910, Holt moved his manufacturing operation to East Peoria, IL where he founded what would eventually become known as the Caterpillar Tractor Company in 1925.

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Alban CAT was founded under the name of Alban Tractor Co. Inc. back in 1927, becoming an authorized CAT® dealer just two years after the Caterpillar Tractor Company began operations.

We continue to offer a wide selection of CAT® heavy equipment to this day, including a large inventory of CAT® used tractors for Maryland, Virginia and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

We also sell used AGCO Challenger tractors for use in agricultural applications. With such a solid history of performance, reliability and innovation behind them, you can be sure our used tractors for sale will meet and even exceed your highest expectations for quality and productivity.

History: CAT® Tractors Played A Significant Role During World War I And Beyond

Benjamin Holt’s track-type tractors made their mark during World War I, primarily serving as gun and artillery tractors that proved to be invaluable to the Allied military effort. After the war, tractor technology continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of farmers, as well as companies in industries such as mining, construction and forestry.

CAT Challenger TractorIn 1986, Caterpillar unveiled its revolutionary Challenger Tractor line, which became the first rubber-tracked agriculture tractor on the market. Although Caterpillar sold the Challenger brand to AGCO in 2002, some Challenger models manufactured today are equipped with CAT® ACERT engines.

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